Wednesday, December 29, 2004

From those other mountains

It's one highlight of every day to visit two English bloggers, Tony Richards at Lakelandcam, and Charles Winpenny at Cornwallcam. The Lakelandcam photos remind me a lot of what we see here in the Southern Appalachians, beautiful mountains and lakes covering the Lake District area of Cumbria, UK, even though there are a lot less trees there. The weather is even pretty similar. However, these mountains seem even more scenic to me because of the beautiful old buildings and towns around the area. No Wal-Marts or other giant lit parking lots here. Here's one of Tony's recent photo of The Lakes:

Clicking on the photo will show it full size, but it will expire in a few days, so the link will probably die then. Go to Tony's site for more.

And, from these mountains, it's time to get ready for The Possum Drop on New Year's Eve at Clay's Corner in Brasstown, NC. This event got a lot of publicity last year (even in the New York Times) so this year will probably be a real blowout. No, they don't drop the possum (that's why they call it the Lowering of the Possum), but there were some complaints last year so there seems to be a question of whether there will be a possum this year. You'll just have to come to see.

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