Tuesday, March 22, 2005

NatGeo Spread

National Geographic has put their Discover Appalachia report online. Included are links to info about some of the most important cultural centers in the mountains. I'm thrilled to see that this report covers all of Appalachia, including among the attractions Watkins Glen and the Seneca-Iroquois Museum in New York state, near my original home, and the C&O Canal park in Maryland, near where I lived (DC) for many years. In this part of the woods, they highlight the John C. Campbell Folk School, Nantahala River, Tellico Plains and lots more. Fred at Fragments from Floyd pointed this out, and says he prefers the paper version. The interactive map on the Website seems to be a useful way to find out what's out there, though.

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fred said...

The web version is wonderful if you have an idea where you'd like to look. The fold-out paper version shows the mountains and its culture "from a distance", letting you take in the expanse of this immense and immensely rich part of the world. Like you, I'm thrilled for NG to send viewers this way!