Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Interstate 3?

Fletch at No Direction Home weighs in on the possible construction of a new interstate highway through the Smoky Mountains, and points to articles in the Smoky Mountain News out of Waynesville. There's also a Stop Interstate 3 website.
Funny thing about this road, no one even seems to know where it will go. The existing maps (like this one on a Congressional site) are foggy. There's a description on Interstate-Guide.com, which is a little more specific. Most seem to indicate it would follow U.S. 129 through North Carolina, meaning it would follow the beautiful Valley River valley between Murphy and Andrews, not to mention the Tail of the Dragon, that twisty road through Deal's Gap so popular with motorcyclists....
Here's another article in the Maryville Times.

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rogerwill said...

There is a better web site on this issue. www.stopi-3.org

This site goes into more detail and dispells the Congress' claims on bettering the economy for the people that don't want I-3