Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Photo fix

I've been tied to the computer most days lately, working on some projects, and when I do go out it's raining or hazy. So I haven't gotten any good pictures lately. For photos, there are other places to go:
Try Blue Ridge Muse where Doug Thompson's posted pictures of the Friday Night Jamboree in Floyd, Va.
Or check No Direction Home, where Fletch has been taking pictures of flowers and other sites in east Tennessee, including 'The Beloved Woman', Nancy Ward's grave near Benton, Tn.
Then, of course, there's Marie, the 'hillbilly photographer' at Blue Ridge Blog. Lots of really nice photos the last week or so, from up near Boone/Valley Crucis, NC.
And, snakes, flowers and birds on Rurality from northern Alabama.

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