Sunday, April 02, 2006

A good place for riding

One of the reasons we're here, and that thousands of people visit this area, is for the great motorcycle riding roads. They're too many to list and besides, we like to keep the good ones for ourselves.
But everyone knows about several of them, and the most famous is the 'Tail of the Dragon' or U.S. 129 crossing Deal's Gap from near Robbinsville, NC to Tennessee. There's a website devoted to riding the area, They also write about the Cherohala Skyway and other roads in the area, and are spending some time on Wayah Road recently (from Franklin to Nantahala, NC).
The other day they posted a photo of a 'Murphy couple' riding one of the twisty corners there. The 'Murphy couple' live across the road from us and are good friends. Check out the photo on the bottom of the Dragon's page. Lots more good photos here too.

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