Wednesday, May 17, 2006

High speed Internet?

It's just a dream for lots of us here, but since Balsam West installed the new broadband backbone around the tri-state area, there should soon be some relief, at least for some.

And now Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Coop (which provides dialup and some wireless service via is soliciting information from members who may want high-speed service in the future. According to the press release (PDF), "Members will have access to reliable, high speed Internet connectivity and new options for data, voice and video. Bandwidth can be used to simultaneously provide high speed Internet access, phone service, video, and a host of other exciting features".

If you're interested, fill out the survey at They need to know where to start installing. I filled the form out a couple weeks ago in anticipation before the press release came out.
(Thanks to Lynne and Lisa for passing this on.)

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lynne said...

Liz, thanks for getting the word out. HELP US, PLEASE SOMEONE...