Monday, June 12, 2006

Ridgewood Barbeque

Nice to see that Knox View's R. Neal has discovered the Ridgewood Barbecue near Bluff City, TN. It's a long way from Knoxville (and a long way from here), but it isn't too far off the track if you're going to Virginia from here, although a bit hard to find (you have to get on the old highway, not the bypass, and it's not well marked).
I first went there in the late '70s a couple times, then rediscovered it on a trip about 10 years ago, after seeing reference to it in one of Jane and Michael Stern's Road Food books, and have been back once or twice since.
Very glad to hear it's still worth the detour. And entertaining to read the comments on Neal's posting, because as usual, the old NC vs. TN (and every other state) barbecue question always comes up.

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