Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Warm December days

I haven't gotten many photos in the last week, with everything else going on, but here are a few from around the area:

The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway train arrives in McCaysville (Copperhill?)
State line dividing Copperhill, TN and McCaysville, GA.
Ocoee River

Ocoee Whitewater Center

Just another old barn along the road.

I had some more to post but Blogger is failing me. These photos have been posted using Blogger's Blog This feature. For the last few years I've been using Hello! to post photos, having tried several different ways to do it but finding deficiencies in all of them.
Now Hello owner Google is shutting it down, and routing it to Blogger. It's not working very well today. Posting this way is always slower than Hello, and I didn't think I liked the display, although it looks OK to me now.
So, apologies for the change in this blog. Out of my control. I hope I can find a better way, but what I once thought would be a fix, posting the photos to Picasa Web and linking to them, resulted in very slow loading of the blog. I'll keep trying.

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susan said...

Great pictures of my old stomping grounds. We would get groceries at the A&P that used to be next to where the train stops in McCaysville, and walk across the state line to shop in Copperhill.

Of course way back then, the River Road that followed the Ocoee River was just a terribly narrow trecherous drive, it is much improved now that the Olympics have come and gone, leaving a beautiful park in their wake.

Have a Merry Christmas up there in Murphy!