Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pink and blue

It's that time of year when the landscape hasn't changed yet, there are just a few flowers, and, even though the desire to stay outside is compelling, there're not many photo opportunities. Or, maybe it's just me and I've been doing boring things: working on the computer, house cleaning, and drives to town and back. I hope the photos get more interesting soon. Meanwhile, I liked the colors after sunset last night, so here's a study in pink and blue (and white):

Peach blossoms and smiling crescent moon.
Ghostly flowering pear tree.

(Added later:) I didn't plant this Bradford pear, and wouldn't plant any others. What good is a pear tree with no pears? Check out this 'mountaintop' poem about the Bradford Pear, which calls it 'the Paris Hilton of trees'.

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