Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Appalachian Roads

Last week I took a driving route I've done only once before, and was reminded that there is another corner of Appalachia I haven't investigated yet...the northeastern section of Tennessee and southeastern Kentucky, and the Cumberland Gap. I've passed the area a few times now and have been intrigued by the beautiful scenery each time.

This trip, I did pull off the highway to have a look at Berea and a few neighboring towns, and will go back again. Meanwhile, though, one sign I have noticed each time is the one for the Museum of Appalachia, at Norris TN, and so was glad to see this New York Times travel story: Twisting Roads Take You to the Heart of Appalachia, which is about the museum and some of the places nearby, in eastern Tennessee and over in western Virginia.

Time to plan a trip.

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