Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Backroads in Unaka and Suit


Susan said...


Unaka? Never heard of it, so I 'googled' it, look what I found:

Thanks! You are a wealth of information. It looks like a beautiful place.

liz said...

There is a community called Unaka, in northern Cherokee County (near Grape Creek and Hanging Dog). These photos taken around there, except for the last, from Suit (where we live). The Unaka mountains, also called Unicoi (like the ones similarly named near Bristol, TN) are west of the Snowbirds and south of the Smokies. Joe Brown Highway, once part of the Trail of Tears, passes over the mts here. It is a beautiful place, part of what sold us on this area, but very remote (even so, there are developments coming in....)

liz said...

I should have mentioned that Joe Brown is also along the route of the old Unicoi Turnpike, which was the first road across the Appalachians, taking folks from Charleston to Knoxville.