Sunday, May 04, 2008

Evening in Andrews

Saturday was Murphy's Spring Festival, but we stayed home because of the rain. Sorry we didn't make it, it's always fun and would have made for good pictures. But it was our anniversary, so we went for an early supper at Cole House in Andrews. From the highway, still lots of clouds over the Nantahala mountains:

This old house is a unique restaurant for this part of the world, and the food is amazing, especially the trout. In early evening it's not crowded and the light is beautiful.
Live music outside,
in the wine garden.
The light was wrong for getting a picture of the restaurant but at least it shows the lovely view of the Snowbird mountains to the north:

House by the railroad tracks.
Coming back, the clouds have dispersed and the view of the Valley River mountains is clear as a bell:

Oh, yeah, that anniversary? 18/27, depending on how we count.

Bonus photo blog link: via a comment from Dee Dee, lovely flowers, still lifes, and scenery from Florida at Love White Linen.

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The Riverbum said...

Great photo of the cows in the field with the highlighted trees behind it. I was up near Murphy the week before last and loved experiencing the spring colors for a second time, as that the lovely pale greens have already darkened up here at home in Middle Georgia.