Monday, May 14, 2007

This blog has been mentioned in at least two other blogs this past week, and I'm very flattered:

The first is in Jack Lail's blog on the Knoxville News Sentinel's website, where it's listed among Tennessee women bloggers. Well, I am just ten miles from Tennessee, as the crow flies.....

The second was a few days ago on Byron Chesney's Knoxville Trivia Blog, which I've been enjoying recently. In this post, he lists several local blogs he's been enjoying, and says some nice things about this one. Thanks, Byron!

(He also notes he's added the beautiful Appalachian Glory Flag from Tennessee Jed to his sidebar, something I'd been planning to do, too, after reading what Marie at Blue Ridge Blog had to say about it.)


Jack D. Lail said...

Oops. Maybe we're annexing. :)

I did also include one in England who is from Tennessee.

We'll call your a Tennessee blogger anytime you cross the line. How about that?

Byron Chesney said...

You're quite welcome and very deserving. I come to your blog with my breath held, just anticipating something wonderful waiting for me to look at. I'm never dissapointed.

I've spent a considerable amount of time down in your neck of the woods. It's one of only a handful of places that I would ever consider moving to if I left my beloved Knoxville, Tennessee.

Lynne said...

I'm so glad others are finding and enjoying your blog. I send it friends and family around the country/world to show them what my neighborhood looks like.